BawBags Ants Boxers

BawBags Ants Boxers
  • Designer boxer shorts by BawBags
  • All New Ergofit (for better baw support)
  • Premium Cotton ( with lycra Content for comfort)
  • Front side chopper access pocket
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Time to give your Baws a bit of comfy treat and your pants drawer a much needed kick up the backside. As well as having a spiffy Ants design that will make your nether regions stand up and be noticed, they are built with the new Ergofit design to give your Baws ultimate support. Bawbags are 95% premium cotton with a generous helping of lycra added for extra stretchy comfort. They are also windproof so stop naughty drafts from either side of the Bawbag divide. For those of you that need rapid access to your crown jewels, Bawbags have a sneaky front side chopper access pocket for easy access to your Baws that also helps to reduce the amount of suspicious rumaging around involved. This particular design may be covered in ants but if you do have an irritating itching sensation in your undercrackers this is nothing to do with the incredibly comfortable Bawbags, but more likely something you should get checked at your local walk in centre.

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