BawBags Birds Dug’s Baws Pants Hipster Womens Boyfriend Briefs

BawBags Birds Dug's Baws Pants Hipster Womens Boyfriend Briefs
  • BawBags Birds Dug’s Baws for Girls at AltSkate
  • Awesome new Dug’s Baws design
  • Available in sizes 8 – 16
  • Part of the new range of girl’s pants by BawBags at AltSkate

Now the lads at BawBags HQ are acutely aware how jealous you girls must get seeing your fella strut around in his wonderous BawBag boxers thinking he’s the belle of the ball. And now they’ve given you the perfect weapon with which to respond to his partially clothed prancing with their range of BawBags for girls. Built with the 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane material the BawBags Girls Undies are not only comfy and flexible but are available in a great range of splendid BawBags designs. There are loads of other new BawBags for Birds designs available from AltSkate so get ready to stride around the bedroom ladies, because now it’s your turn to partially clothed strut.

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