BawBags Kapow Boxers – Black

BawBags Kapow Boxers - Black
  • BawBags Boxers in Black with Kapow Design
  • Ergofit Design for Superior Baw Support
  • Front Side Pocket for rapid chopper access
  • 95% Cotton and 5% Elastine build providing excellent flexibility
  • One of many great BawBag boxer designs available from AltSkate

Holy Scrotal Sack Batman, these Kapow BawBags will make you feel like you’re in the middle of an episode of Batman everytime you pop them on. But like all BawBags, the Kapows are not just a pretty face because a lot of thought has gone into making these the perfect haven for your Baws. First up they feature BawBag’s very own Ergofit system which is designed to give your meat and two veg so much support that they will feel like a member of the British Olympic Team. Secondly the bright sparks at BawBags know very well that from time to time rapid access to your chopper is required. This might be because of an imminent toilet emergency or perhaps the need to do that funny elephant impression that you do but whatever the reason, BawBags are equipped with a front/side pocket that means gaining super quick access to your Old Fella has never been easier. Thirdly BawBags are built with the highest quality cotton with an added dollop of elastine. This not only makes them hardwearing (and we know how much grief these things are going to get) but also really very flexible and stretchy so they can cope with whatever moevment you can throw at them. So there you have it, three excellent reasons whey your Baws shouldn’t be without a pair of BawBags Kapow Boxers.

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