Biker Key Chain

Biker Key Chain
  • Biker Key Chain – a vast selection of Wallet Key Chains & Trucker Key Chains buy online now at Doktor Hardstuff – Your Online Biker Shop!

This solid and durable key chain made of stainless metal can be used in many ways.
You can easily hook the chain to your belt loop with the attached carabiner hook and thus carry your
purse attached to the snap ring securely against your body can also be used as a Jeans Waist Key Chain.
The Wallet chain is made of steel and perfect for any purse or wallet,
or just to wear on your trousers as a skater accessory.
Ideally suitable for Truckers, Bikers, Skaters, Punks and for everyone who wants to add a highlight to his or her outfit.

Quality Features:

– Stainless
– Solid carabiner hook and keyring
– Heavy Quality
– Link chain in form of a bicycle chain
– Weight range: 80 gram – 255 gram / depending on the length
– Length range: 17 cm – 80 cm
– Size of link chains: 0.8 cm in height, 2.1 cm in length

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