Dead Threads Mens Black Goth Cyber Rave Trousers

Dead Threads Mens Black Goth Cyber Rave Trousers
  • Dead Threads Bondage Trousers covered with an assortment of zips, straps & buckles, to many to describe!
  • The trousers have two pockets in the front and two in the back.
  • There are four adjustable buckles on the left & right leg for a more tighter fit if required.
  • The trousers are lightly than your average bondage trousers and are more comfortable to wear.
  • Other Industrial Gothic style Trousers can be found at Bonnie’s Delight.

Size Chart

Size: Small

Waist: 30in (76cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: Medium

Waist: 32in (81cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: Large

Waist: 34in (86cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: Extra Large

Waist: 36in (91cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: Extra Extra Large

Waist: 38in (97cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: 3XL

Waist: 40in (102cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

Size: 4XL

Waist: 42in (107cm)
Length 31in (79cm)

We want you to make the best possible purchases we list measurements very carefully. To avoid disappointment please check your measurements very carefully to ensure this garment will fit you.

If in doubt please email us with your measurements and we tell you whether the Trousers will fit you.

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